How To Combine Education With Fun Using Technology

Combining Technology and Education

There was a time when children used to despise learning. Sitting in the classroom and listening to the teacher drone about something that happened a few million years ago was not fun to many. The school was considered a chore that one had to complete. Today, the situation is very different. Children look forward to going to school and working on different gadgets. Real time experience enables teachers to enlighten the children about general knowledge and the happenings of around the world. Technology is used to the point of abuse in various aspects of life. Education is just one of them.

There are different ways that the field of education utilizes technology to spread education.

Reflect and share

Sharing is more than toys and books. Sharing thoughts are an important aspect of learning. When children are made to pen down their thoughts and experiences in shared folders, they receive the opinions of other children. These comments are posted below the article and the author feels good about it. Reflecting and sharing makes a child more open minded and an extrovert by nature. Confidence is boosted.


Children no longer have to carry huge bags to school. All the material is given online and downloaded on a gadget that is no bigger than your average notebook. Children type assignments and mail it to the professor. Rewriting a project is simpler. Autocorrect helps a child avoid spelling and grammatical errors. It is more colorful on a fancy gadget than on an A4 sized sheet.


There is no syllabus. The world is your book. You can browse the internet with the help of your gadget and learn anything that you wish to know. There is no limit when it comes to knowledge. Technology has paved the way for learning in the most fun way possible. A web quest is introduced where children are made to come up with an entire book based on a topic or a character.


Children form their own clubs with the help of these gadgets in the school. They could be chess clubs or a mathematics group. These clubs are formed to create awareness of the importance of the subject of the group. It brings to the fore, children who are shy and unable to participate in public speaking events. Blogs are also part of this club.


Live to report and interviewing celebrities with the help of gadgets is a big hit. There are instant sharing and a lot of publicity. The concept is truly exciting and a lot of adventure and travel can take place with the help of this technique. Missed lectures are caught up on with the help of podcasts. There are podcasts available on the net that can supplement your learning as well.

There is literally no room for a technologically-challenged person. Ignorance is not an excuse. It is time to scale up and find out how things work. Old school methods do not work in this world of science and technology. Three-year-olds are able to play with tablets and chant rhymes looking at Talking Tom. Age is no bar when it comes to technology.

Transform learning – One gadget at a time.

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