To describe Technology is a really difficult task; however one can say that use of scientific understanding for concrete purposes might be one way to define it. It is impossible to think about the world without technology. It has many benefits if used with moderation and it will keep on progressing to make our life more opportune.

Imagine a day without television, phone, coffee machine or anything which involves digital footprints. It is really nearly impossible to stay away from technology because it is far and wide. We are in dire need of gadget detox and sooner the better.

There are pretty prominent sign that you need a digital detox. First thing in the morning is that you look for your phone, stay glued to your television, laptop, tablet etc. for the most part of your day. There are few things which will help you to successfully complete your day worthwhile without technology:

  • A companion: It might not look important but once you have someone to give you that push, it really becomes a tad bit easy. Find a person to go for a detox with you, more the merrier. Friend, relatives, colleagues or anyone you feel comfortable with. The more human interaction which should be face to face is what we need to understand each other.
  • Entertainment without glowing screen: It is understandable that it’s not easy to curb the need to look at your phone almost every two seconds for some reason or the other but it is very much possible. Plan for a day with family and keep your phones aside, indulge into human interaction more and more.
  • Read a book: Not on your kindle or tablet but a real one made with paper. It is said that smell of a new book is very appealing and books take you to a different world.
  • Get a watch: Yes it is an effective way to reduce your phone time. You need not look at your phone every time you want to know the time. Phones have replaced our watch, calculator, calendar and many more things.
  • One step at a time: We are so consumed by electronic gadget usage that removing it completely is impossible. Let us take one step at a time and start with a short period of time one item at a time. Start with fifteen minutes or half an hour and do not use any electronic gadget for that time.
  • Explore Nature’s Pandora box: It is easier said than done. In today’s lifestyle taking time out and relaxing in nature’s lap seems a distant dream. With commercialization happening everywhere it is really difficult to find a place with less or no electronic items. Well, there is will there is the way is a mantra we need to follow. If you do not remember when was the last time you visited a beautiful bird sanctuary or went out for a picnic without your phone then it is time to schedule something like this soon in the calendar.

It’s time to meet with people and have a proper face to face interaction, see the beautiful colors of a rainbow, birds, and flowers. Children should enjoy and learn to play cricket, basketball or sports on the ground, not on the computer or phone screens.

For a game lover, it is easy to set up a desktop with the best gizmos and gadgets to create an environment for playing games. However, if you find that you are always on the go, you need to create the same in a laptop.

A few tips for first-time gamers that may help you to decide if you truly need a gaming laptop:

  • If you are a beginner in games and play low-end games, a basic integrated card will not do it. Aim for at least a gaming laptop with a NVidia GeForce 940M, something you can get in a gaming notebook for less than $500.
  • If you are on a budget, then strictly avoid touch screens. This will not only shoot the bill through the roof but the battery also drains out quite quickly.
  • If you are planning on adding a GPU, the good news is that the recent versions are powerful, faster and VR ready( will need GTX 980 Graphics card)
  • Use the money in your budget to install an SSD card. The games will install faster and reduce the loading time.
  • Invest in a high-resolution display.

A powerful processor: Everyone has a laptop these days and most come with a good processor. While it may be great for office applications and an odd game or two, it can heat quickly if you start using them for heavy duty gaming. Investing in a good powerful processor like an Intel is an absolute must. An i5 may be good for a beginner but an i7 will be the best for hard-core games.

A good laptop without a good graphics card is pointless: There are a number of games that are considered hard-core, like the Call of Duty: Black Ops III or Star Wars. If you want half of the excitement while playing these games then you should invest in a good graphics card like a NVIDIA GeForce GTX. You cannot go wrong with this one. It is sure to give you your money’s worth!

RAM: It is almost like a piece of music where things have to function in unison for it to sound good! All of them work in conjunction to give you a good experience. For a beginner a 4GB Ram is good (which is what you get in most laptops), you are definitely better off going with an 8GB get the best performance.

Hard Drives and Solid State Drives: Games like Call of Duty: Black Ops take about 50-60 GB right off the bat. Most laptops come with 1 TB of hard drive space. You can always look to increase it up to 2TB. The more space you have to store music or video, the better it is.

Warranties: Most companies offer warranties, but make sure you check the fine print for backup in case you have troubles with the laptop. This is valid generally for a period only. Look for all options that are available and any extended warranties where available. Invest in accessories to keep your laptop and its paraphernalia safe.

You are well on your way to buying your first new laptop. I hope that you are better equipped to understand what to look for before you invest your money. Good luck and happy gaming!

Waterproof Phones are those that can tolerate a high level of exposure to water. Now, does that mean that you can dunk your phone into a jar of water—definitely not!

To clarify, when phone companies claim that phones are waterproof, they actually mean that the phone is water resistant. How resistant and how much of splatter it can tolerate before it stops working can be gauged from the IP number (called the International Protection Code) given to it (based on various tests carried out).
The higher the rating, greater is the resistance to water. If we were to explain further, the first number next to the IP number ranges from 0-6 and offers resistance to hazardous particles or entrance of solid particles (the lowest offering least resistance and the highest offering the greatest protection). Similarly, the next number (which indicates liquid ingress protection) offers resistance to water, with the numbering working in the same way as the first.

How does it work?

In order to be water resistant (please bear with me while I explain why I use the term water resistant and not waterproof), water should not affect the working parts of a phone. A phone with its many parts, like the ports, microphone holes, buttons, speaker etc is an open invitation for the water molecules to flood and short the phones in minutes. So, how does one actually make it resistant to water? What technology do they use? Seal it with Glue!

Manufacturers refer to it in a number of ways, gaskets, rubber adhesives etc but the purpose and the means are the same and that is to provide an airtight seal. Typically, this glue is used to stick the screen to the chassis of the phone. In addition, they use it at the back of the ports or even near the edges where the exposed circuits are. However, in order to preserve the design and the finish, gaskets or rings of rubber are used to secure areas, which are visible to the naked eye.

The same logic cannot be used where speakers and microphones are used. Here, a sealant will completely defeat the purpose of the phone. Hence, here a super fine mesh is added to the front of the speakers or microphones. Using Cohesion and surface tension (basic science where the liquid tends to attach to its own molecules rather than flow) they solve this tricky problem. Elsewhere, they use a water resistant, breathable fabric membrane that equalizes the pressure allowing the air to flow through completely.

What should be considered and understood is that all of the above just delays the inevitable! It is not possible to stop the water from entering the device. What the manufacturers have been successful in doing is to make it resistant for a while. They have been careful enough not to call them waterproof phones. What they claim is that these are water resistant phones and rate them with IP codes. What they do test (in a lab!) are:

  • endure droplets of water
  • surviving jets of water
  • enduring a dip in water for longer durations (for e.g. 30 minutes )

Having stated the above, it would be wise to see what damages the manufacturers actually cover. If you go through the warranties, you will see that none of them covers water damages. Hence, it will be wise to go through the fine print before getting experimental with our phone.

It means that you cannot swim with your phone, click pictures underwater and hope that your phone stays alive after your laps are complete!

How many times do we hear of incidents that cause our laptops serious problems yet lacking the appropriate steps to protect our most valuable device? In the case of protection buying a laptop keyboard cover is one of the best options. Not only does it protect against the damage it can also help in the keeping your laptop keyboard clean.

Keep dust and lint out

Dust and lint are a computer’s nightmare simply because particles that move collect static electricity. This is a major issue with laptops. Having a laptop keyboard cover will help eliminate small pieces of lint and dust from getting inside and causing dirt buildup. Hard drives don’t like to run in dirty environment
This will keeps major accidents like spills at bay. Using a laptop cover will not only help reduce it but it will also help control the amount of static through its inert materials.

Allows better viewing of keys

When using a laptop keyboard cover, the plastic allows the dark background to be seen more visibly than without the cover. Our eyes tend to adjust easier and in turn, add less stress to our body. The plastic is usually manufactured in such a way that it will bend the light. This bending adjusts the way our retina views the keys actually making them seem bigger and brighter. This is helpful for people who are on the computer all day long and have issues with eye strain.

Keeps natural hand oil and particles causing buildup

Build-up can and does occur from our own bodies as well. Sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day constantly touching a keyboard definitely will cause the oils from our hands to transfer onto the keys of the keyboard. This is going into our computer thus causing more dirt and dust to stick to the internal components along with the keys.

Sometimes, it is hard to see the long-term effects of such a small problem. To run your computer optimally, dirt and dust need to be eliminated. This is why microchips and components are made in dust-free and lint-free facilities. Taking the same caution is vital for the best running and longest lasting laptops.


Our laptop is a significant investment of not only money but time. Protecting our investment does require some action our part like buying a keypad cover to extend the life of it. Protection is needed constantly especially during travel and from minor incidents like sharp objects falling and hitting the computer. A cover would have taken most of the blunt force and preventing damage to the internal workings of the computer as well as the delicate keys. Accidents are the leading cause in laptop repairs.

Movement and transportation build up a lot of static electricity and a keyboard cover can eliminate the attraction of static electricity due to the materials it is made from. This is another form of protection that the cover can provide to ensure optimally functioning laptop. Use materials and covers and take advantage of the money saved in the long run. Extending the life of laptops doesn’t have to be so technical, just protect your laptop and make it last longer.

Combining Technology and Education

There was a time when children used to despise learning. Sitting in the classroom and listening to the teacher drone about something that happened a few million years ago was not fun to many. The school was considered a chore that one had to complete. Today, the situation is very different. Children look forward to going to school and working on different gadgets. Real time experience enables teachers to enlighten the children about general knowledge and the happenings of around the world. Technology is used to the point of abuse in various aspects of life. Education is just one of them.

There are different ways that the field of education utilizes technology to spread education.

Reflect and share

Sharing is more than toys and books. Sharing thoughts are an important aspect of learning. When children are made to pen down their thoughts and experiences in shared folders, they receive the opinions of other children. These comments are posted below the article and the author feels good about it. Reflecting and sharing makes a child more open minded and an extrovert by nature. Confidence is boosted.


Children no longer have to carry huge bags to school. All the material is given online and downloaded on a gadget that is no bigger than your average notebook. Children type assignments and mail it to the professor. Rewriting a project is simpler. Autocorrect helps a child avoid spelling and grammatical errors. It is more colorful on a fancy gadget than on an A4 sized sheet.


There is no syllabus. The world is your book. You can browse the internet with the help of your gadget and learn anything that you wish to know. There is no limit when it comes to knowledge. Technology has paved the way for learning in the most fun way possible. A web quest is introduced where children are made to come up with an entire book based on a topic or a character.


Children form their own clubs with the help of these gadgets in the school. They could be chess clubs or a mathematics group. These clubs are formed to create awareness of the importance of the subject of the group. It brings to the fore, children who are shy and unable to participate in public speaking events. Blogs are also part of this club.


Live to report and interviewing celebrities with the help of gadgets is a big hit. There are instant sharing and a lot of publicity. The concept is truly exciting and a lot of adventure and travel can take place with the help of this technique. Missed lectures are caught up on with the help of podcasts. There are podcasts available on the net that can supplement your learning as well.

There is literally no room for a technologically-challenged person. Ignorance is not an excuse. It is time to scale up and find out how things work. Old school methods do not work in this world of science and technology. Three-year-olds are able to play with tablets and chant rhymes looking at Talking Tom. Age is no bar when it comes to technology.

Transform learning – One gadget at a time.